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Anti-snap lock fitting 

At Rapid Locksmiths Birmingham, our engineers have many years of experience in fitting and installing locks. We offer a variety of lock replacement and installations services in Birmingham and the surrounding areas. We recommend that all locks should be upgraded to the latest in locking technology; anti-snap locks.

Lock snapping is a common method intruders use to gain access to properties. With a weak standard lock it can take a burglar just 8-13 seconds to snap the lock and enter a property. Burglars can do this by using a screw driver to snap the part of the lock known as the cylinder. The cylinder is the most sensitive part of the lock and controls the mechanism of the whole lock. Once the cylinder is broken, the inside mechanism of the lock is revealed and can be manipulated into opening. It doesn’t take very long to do and only very basic tools can be used to snap a lock.

Even if your door has multiple locks, this will not prevent the snapping process. It may take a burglar longer to snap numerous locks but as soon as the cylinder of the lock is compromised, then all the other locking features will stop working and the door will unlock.

The following YouTube video demonstrates just how quickly burglars can snap a standard lock and gain entry to your property.

keys snapped in the lock

So…why install an anti-snap lock?

Allow us to introduce you to the latest technology; the anti-snap lock. We are staunch supporters of this type of lock as these locks are designed to prevent the lock snapping process. 

It is possible for burglars to snap the front part of the lock, but here is the clever part: even if the front of the lock has been snapped, the main cylinder of the lock stays intact. This makes it extremely difficult to damage the lock and open it. If the cylinder is still intact, it makes it difficult for burglars to drill or pick the lock. Even qualified locksmiths with years of experience would find this difficult.

You may look at an anti-snap lock and think that it looks very similar to a standard lock; however one of the main differences is that the keys for the anti-snap locks have a flat-looking key. Many burglars will now be able to recognise an anti-snap lock and realise it is not worth trying to break into your property due to the lock on your door. Anti-snap locks therefore can serve as a deterrent to potential intruders.

Call us at anytime for advice about anti-snap locks or to arrange for us to fit an anti-snap lock for your home or business. Whilst we are upgrading your lock, we can check on other parts of your property and advise you about further security products or methods of keeping your property secure.

 All of our new locks come complete with a full set of keys. If you need any additional keys cutting, we can cut them quickly and precisely at your property.

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