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Lock Picking

Picking a lock takes great skill and patience. Luckily, locks are no match for the highly-skilled locksmiths at Rapid Locksmiths Birmingham who have years of experience in picking locks. Lock picking is often associated with criminal activity and illegally gaining entry to properties, but don’t worry, our engineers know how to legally and safely pick a lock.

Lost your keys? Locked your keys inside the building? Call Rapid Locksmiths Birmingham and we will aim to be at your side in 20 minutes to pick the lock and allow you to enter your property. 

We have all lost or misplaced our keys at some point. At Rapid Locksmiths, we understand it is an easy mistake to make but it is just as easy to rectify. If you know your keys are locked inside the building, this is the perfect time to use this method. One of the main advantages of picking the lock is that the door can be opened with minimal damage to the door. With our knowledge and special tools, we can pick the majority of locks without needing to replace the lock afterwards. You will be back in the warmth of your home in no time.

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Whilst we are at your property, why not take advantage of our expert knowledge and advice by asking for a free site survey. We can check all the other locks in your property and alert you to any potential security threats, such as old locks that are in need of replacing. We can advise you on the best locks to choose from, such as the new range of anti-snap locks which are extremely difficult for burglars to break. We specialise in all aspects of security, from lock upgrades to CCTV and burglar alarms. We take pride in doing our very best to keep the properties of Birmingham safe and secure. Whilst we are at your property, you can request an email quotation or book in further work with our engineers.

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