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Window Locks

The experts at Rapid Locksmiths Birmingham understand that it is not just door locks that are important when it comes to security. We also specialise in the replacement and installation of window locks. Call us at any time for advice on the best type of window lock for your property or to book an engineer to replace or install a window lock for you. If your window lock has been compromised or damaged as a result of a burglary, call us at any time of day or night and we will aim to be at your property within 20 minutes to help you fix the damage and ensure your property is secure.

Up to 20 percent of burglaries are conducted by intruders gaining entry to a building through a window. It is mainly the downstairs windows of a property that are the most vulnerable. A small amount of force can often be enough to break a standard window lock and force the window open. 

At Rapid Locksmiths Birmingham we can install extra window locks to toughen the window and improve the security of your property dramatically. It is extremely important to choose the correct type of window lock to suit your needs. With so many different types of window lock on the market today, we understand that it can be a confusing decision to make. Call us at any time for expert advice on choosing the best type of window lock for you. As many window locks serve as an add-on to existing locks, we can help you choose new locks that complement existing ones. Certain window locks come in a variety of colours so if you have a certain style in mind, be sure to let us know so that we can ensure we have your perfect window lock in stock when we arrive.

The main types of window lock are Ventilation locks, Jackloc Restrictors and Sash window locks. Read our handy guide to each type of lock below to help you decide which type of window lock is for you:

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Snapped your key in the lock?

Ventilation Locks

Ventilation locks allow you to partly open the window but will prevent potential intruders from fully opening the window to gain access to the property. With a ventilation lock you can decide how far you want to open the window for varying degrees of ventilation. A master key is used to change the opening space. The master key can also be used to control other window locks in the property. Ventilation locks are suitable for most types of window frame, including timber frames. These types of locks are perfect for child safety as the window cannot be fully opened which will prevent potential falls.

Jacklock Restrictor

The Jackloc Restrictor works like a chain on your door: the window can only be opened to the length the cable allows it to open to. The Jackloc Restrictor was designed with health and safety in mind as the window can only be opened a short distance. This can help to prevent falls from windows. Again, this type of lock would be ideal for those with children. A Jackloc Restrictor can be fitted to any type of window including UPVC and metal window frames. Two security bolts are fitted onto the window and the frame. A length of steel cable is then connected between both brackets. Different colours of brackets and cables are available so you can choose a colour to match your interior. Please let us know if you have a colour preference beforehand so that we can ensure we have your preferred style in stock.

Sash Window Locks

Sash window locks are screwed into the frames of the windows. A bracket can slide over the window to prevent it from being opened. On some windows, two brackets could be used, one at the top and one at the bottom of the window. Some sash window locks are known as sash stops. They allow you to slide the window open slightly for ventilation and lock it into place. All of our window lock installations come with keys.

Snapped your key in the window lock? Our locksmiths can extract the key from the lock causing minimal damage to the lock. We can replace the key for you and replace the lock if necessary.

If you need any type of window locks replacing or installing, call Rapid Locksmiths Birmingham today. The fitting process doesn’t take long and most parts are kept in stock. If you are unsure about which type of window lock would be most suitable, please feel free to call us anytime and we can help you decide.

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