6 tips and tricks to keep your home secure

Here are a few easy tips and tricks for you to implement that can increase the security of your home:

1. Don’t advertise on social media that you are going on holiday

You may not think anything of tagging yourself in at the airport on Facebook when you are going on holiday. Although it’s a nice way of letting your friends know you are going away, it is also a great way of letting people know your house will be empty for a while. In the wrong hands, this information could lead to trouble. Our advice would be to think twice about talking about your holiday on social media, particularly ensuring you don’t give away the specific dates you will be away.

2. Put your lights on a timer when you are away

When you are away on holiday, make sure you have a light system that you can put on a timer before you go. Set your lights to go off during the day and on when it gets dark in the evenings. This will give the impression that the house is occupied and deter potential burglars. Speak to one of our professionals today for advice on how to set your lights to a timer.

3. Lock your door when upstairs or in the garden

Unless you have supersonic hearing, it is a good idea to lock your door when you are upstairs or in the garden as you may not be able to see or hear intruders if you are distracted or away from the door.

4. Don’t leave your keys in the back of the door, even when in the house

Leaving your keys in the lock on the inside of your house can be dangerous, even when you are inside the house. If you have forgotten to lock your door but left your keys in the lock on the inside and gone off to do something else, this can increase the chance of opportunist thieves stealing the keys to your home. Thieves can easily open an unlocked door, reach inside and quickly steal the keys, then come back at a later date to burgle your home. On a similar note, don’t hang the keys to your house or car near to the door or leave them in a bowl near the door as thieves will be able to locate them in no time.

5. Install motion sensor lighting outside

Installing outdoor motion sensor lighting can help to alert you to movement outside your home and prevent potential threats to the security of your home.

6. Keep valuables out of view

Keep valuable items out of the sight of windows. Burglars often look through windows to assess whether a property contains a large amount of valuable items worth stealing. It may not be possible to keep all large valuable items out of view, such as televisions, however, laptops, expensive watches and jewellery can be kept hidden away or in safes when you are not using them.

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